Where possible we will always be happy to help and facilitate those with disabilities. The nature of the building does mean there are some restrictions within the apartments, below is some information to assist your decision making on whether our properties are suitable for you and your party. If you require any further information please do contact one of our team on [email protected] or 01736 798178, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Hawkes Point properties are located at The Sands, Porthrepta Road, Carbis Bay, St Ives, TR26 2FG.


Access to the car park is gained through a secure coded gate, access key pad to the gate is on the right hand side on entrance and is set at 80cm above ground level. Each car parking space has its own allocated space, unfortunately there are no spaces specifically designated to disabled parking.

The car park surface is a brick laid finish and it sits on a slight slope towards the apartment blocks.

The car park and entrance areas are all lit by low level lighting which turns on at sunset and turns off at sunrise.


There are four apartment blocks, each is clearly labeled A, B, C & D.

Block A is accessed from the car park by descending down 15 steps to a public locked entrance door which is opened using a key provided by Hawke’s Point, once the door has opened there is a 15cm high threshold to step up to gain access to the public foyer.

Block B , C, & D are accessed to from the car park with no steps, access to the entrance foyers are via locked doors which a key is provided for to all guests. There is a small low impact weather strip threshold as you step in through each foyer door.

All internal communal areas are lit by motion sensors which are in operation 24 hours a day.

Block A contains the following apartments: Sky, Wingspan, Double Star, Yellow Suns, Flight of Feather, Wingtips.

Block B contains the following apartments: Flight, Sun-Up, and Under the Moon

Block C contains the following apartments: Far Cliffs, Way to Fly, Bright Wings, Horizon, Mid-Air

Block D contains the following apartment: The Trick

Key Safes

Check in is self- service. All apartments have “key safes” which are mounted outside the appropriate block entrance. The key safes are all mounted at 140cm high off the finished floor level. To open the key safe a 4 digit code is given to guests, the code is entered by a rolling number mechanism.

Block A

Once inside the entrance foyer of Block A there is a fire door (all internal fire doors are 86cm wide unless otherwise stated) followed by another fire door which has a lock (a key is issued to guests to open the locked door). Apartments Sky & Double Star are gained through another fire door to the right. There is also a lift which takes you from the ground floor to the 1st & 2nd floors (all lift dimensions are the same measuring 80cm deep by 80cm wide, there is also a handrail in each lift set ay 100cm high off the finished floor, all lift access buttons are set at 100cm high).

Taking the stairs which has 15 steps and a handrail at 110cm (all stairs have a handrail at 110cm unless otherwise stated) takes you to the first floor, apartment Yellow Suns & Flight of Feather are situated past the lift entrance to the right of the landing beyond a further fire door. Continue up the stairs for another 15 steps and you will reach the 2nd floor, apartments Wingspan & Wingtips are accessed via the lift and through a fire door to the right. All floor finishes are carpet.

Block B

The entrance foyer to Block B is on the first floor, once entered there is a staircase to your left which descends and ascends, alternatively there is a fire door straight ahead which leads you to apartment 16. Descending the stairs (15 steps) to the ground floor takes you to apartment Flight which is beyond a fire door. Ascend the stairs to the second floor landing where there is a fire door to the left where you will reach apartment Under the Moon. Before the entrance to apartment Sun-Up there is a lift, this takes you to the ground floor and to the 2nd floor. All floor finishes are carpet.

Block C

The entrance foyer is on the first floor, once entered there is a staircase to your left which descends and ascends, alternatively there is a fire door straight ahead which leads you to apartments Far Cliffs, Way to Fly & Bright Wings. Ascend the stairs of 15 steps to the second floor landing where there is a fire door to the left where apartments Horizon & Mid-Air are situated. Before the entrance to apartments Far Cliffs, Bright Wings & Sun-Up there is a lift, this takes you to the ground floor and to the 2nd floor. All floor finishes are carpet.

Block D

Once inside the entrance foyer there are 16 steps ascending to the entrance of apartment The Trick which is on your left at the top of the stairs.


All apartments have no steps within, only low impact door thresholds.

All apartments have the same floor finishes comprising of laminate wood flooring in all hallway areas, carpet in living and bedroom areas (with the exception of apartment Mid-Air which has wood laminate flooring in the living area), tiled kitchen floors and tiled bathroom floors.

All apartment internal door widths are 77cm.

For a fittings and floor layout of each apartment please visit “The Apartments” page on the website where you can see a scaled plan of each apartment as well as all apartment information.

All kitchen unit doors are “handleless”, all worktop heights are set at 94cm from finished floor. All gas hobs are at 95 cm and ovens are at 95cm and 130cm from finished floor. Microwaves sit on top of the worktops .

All bathroom fittings and fixtures are set at standard heights, all showers have a step up of 15 cm high and the baths are 46cm high.

All bed heights are at 80cm, mattresses are “Hypnos”, bedding is 100% duck and goose down unless requested for non hypo allergenic pillows and duvets.

All light switches are at 110 high and underfloor heating dials are set at standard height of 130cm from finished floor throughout.

Intercom is mounted at 140cm high from the finished floor and is controlled by live visual feed and voice activated intercom.

All sliding balcony/patio doors have a medium impact weather strip threshold with the exception of Flight, Sky & Double Star where once the balcony door is open there is a rising threshold approximately 10 cm high followed by a step down onto the paved patio.

All balcony areas are timber slatted decking and have handrails set at 130cm high.


Each block has a lift ascending to each level and The Sands management company maintain the lifts through a premium service to ensure uptime is maximised. Unfortunately, there are times when the lifts may not be functioning, we will always do our utmost to avoid these situations but lift access cannot be guaranteed. If lift access is essential please let us know when booking.


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The easy life

Pick a perch, against a rock, on your balcony or in the captains seat of a penthouse. The easy access, car parking and Blue Flag beach with plenty of facilities make Carbis Bay an easy place to while away the time. 

With St Ives just a short hop on the train and several beaches within an easy walk or drive make this an ideal base for exploring West Cornwall. 

If you are new to Carbis Bay and want to find out more why not speak to one of our team? You can contact us here.